Brand Evaluation

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Your brand is what people see/think/feel/ when they interact with your business. What message is your overall brand image sending to your customers? 

Our team will do a comprehensive brand evaluation for your business, which will provide you with the following:

  1. "Branding Guide Questionnaire" - This will lead you through the process of reflecting on and answering questions about your current brand as well as where you would like your brand to be in the future. 
  2. "Brand Evaluation Rating" - After the "Branding Guide Questionnaire" is filled out our team will then review it, study your brand on all customer-facing platforms, and will provide an overall brand evaluation rating (based on the factors of overall value provided, cohesiveness, clearness of messaging, appeal to target demographic, visual appeal, and the likelihood of potential customers taking valuable actions).
  3. "Actionable Steps Call" - The final step of the Brand Evaluation process will be a phone call with our team to discuss the "Brand Evaluation Rating" document. We will explain our overall evaluation of your brand and will provide actionable steps on how you can begin taking action to achieve your ideal brand goals.

Brand Evaluation