Virtual Conference Organization

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A virtual conference is a great way to get people to know your brand or bring people together that have common interests.

We have put together many Virtual Conferences to great success. 

It starts with understanding your business, industry, and the desired attendees. 

We then come up with a plan to market to those desired attendees. 

We will

  • Setup the marketing campaigns
  • Create the event pages (landing pages and social media accounts)
  • Track the attendees (along with any demographics that you're interested in)
  • Communicate with the attendees
  • Promote your brand and that of any sponsors
  • Find guest speakers, if needed
  • Run the entire conference
  • Collect attendee count, watch time and any questions that come up
  • Send follow up marketing content (promoting you and any sponsors)
  • Send after conference surveys


A virtual conference event can raise awareness of your business and establish you as an industry leader.

Virtual Conference Organization